Our Mission

The Mission of River City Food Co-op is to improve access to healthy, sustainable food, and to build a vital community—with each other and with those who grow our food.

To that end, we are committed to:

LOCAL. The Co-op seeks to support and develop our local economy. We offer locally-produced soaps, cheese, eggs, meats and seasonal vegetables as available. We support other local businesses whenever possible. Restaurants may order through the Co-op at reduced rates.  If you are a local producer or local business that would like to partner with us, we would love to hear from you.

ORGANIC. To ensure that the food we sell is free of chemicals, toxins and preservatives, we stock as much certified organic food as possible. The produce we offer from major producers is certified organic. With respect to local farmers, we realize that the process to obtain organic certification for a small farm can be lengthy and expensive, and do not require certification for small local producers, but we do expect those producers to adhere to standard organic practices.

FAIR TRADE. To help ensure that overseas suppliers pay a living wage to employees and growers, we stock fairly-traded coffees, teas, herbs, and bananas.

HUMANE ANIMAL TREATMENT. The Co-op only carries meat products from farms that practice a high quality of animal husbandry by allowing animals raised for food to live in a natural environment and eat a diet appropriate to their species. All of our meat, with the exception of wild caught salmon, is locally-raised. We stock only those cosmetics, soaps and household products that have not been tested on animals. Organic farming standards include strict animal welfare requirements.

CHEMICALS.  We aims to stock only products that contain chemicals that are considered to be safe for human beings and the environment. Our cleaning products and soaps are non-toxic and completely biodegradable. We continually re-evaluate the products we stock in order to be assured that manufacturers are adhering to accepted practices and include no unwanted ingredients.

WASTE REDUCTION.  In our desire to minimize our ecological impact, we are committed to minimizing packaging by stocking over 200 bulk products, including grains, beans, nuts, tea, coffee, herbs, and spices. We encourage the use of cloth or other re-usable grocery bags, and offer recycled plastic bags brought in by our customers. If you do not wish to have your groceries put in recycled grocery bags we often have free reusable bags available for customers to use and return to the store on their next visit. We compost our fruit and vegetable waste, and we recycle our packing boxes, cardboard, and other materials accepted by local recycling facilities.

OTHER COMPANIES. We aim to trade with companies that have established ethical policies. We prefer to trade with other co-operatives (such as Frontier Natural Foods and Organic Valley) whenever we can. Many mainstream organic brands are owned by major corporations without ethical policies, which is why we do not carry some familiar brands.

GENETICALLY ENGINEERED/MODIFIED FOODS.  The Co-op is concerned about the widespread usage of genetically modified organisms (GMOS) in food, especially food that goes unlabeled and unregulated. GMOs have been banned in the European Union and in many countries, and until the United States takes similar action, we will research and investigate products to assure ourselves and our customers that we are not selling GMO items in the co-op.