Local Growers & Farms

You can find a comprehensive database of local farms and food producers on the website of Urban Seeds, a local not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping build a sustainable local food economy in the Southern Indiana/Ohio River Valley foodshed.

Sustainable Agriculture

Slow Food USA — Dedicated to stewardship of land, ecologically sound food production, and living a slower and harmonious rhythm of life.

Eat Wild — Clearinghouse of information about pasture-based farming.

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) — How CSAs work along with a U. S. Directory of CSA programs.

Organic Consumers Association — Public interest organization dedicated to building a healthy, safe, and sustainable system of food production and consumption.

Worm’s Way — Worm’s Way is an employee-owned company that sells earth-friendly products for both indoor and outdoor gardening. They operate Bloomington Wholesale Garden Supply (BWGS), one of the nation’s premiere distributors of hydroponics equipment and other gardening supplies. Worm’s Way’s home office is in Bloomington, IN, and has satellite stores in Tampa, FL, Sutton, MA, Erlanger, KY, St. Louis, MO and Goodlettsville, TN.

Traders Point Creamery — Organic dairy farm in Zionsville, IN that produces milk and dairy products from free-range cows grazing on chemical-free, natural grass, and are free from antibiotics or synthetic hormones.


Organic Valley — Producer of exclusively certified organic dairy products such as butter, milk, and cheese. Orders placed weekly through UNFI.

EcoFish — Sustainable fish and seafood, free of harmful chemicals. Orders placed weekly through UNFI.

Mountain Rose Herbs — Based in Eugene, Oregon, with a large variety of organic herbs, teas, spices, and oils. Orders placed as needed.

Ecolution — 100% hemp products: clothing, bags, fabric, threads and household supplies. Orders placed as needed.

Frontier Natural Foods — A co-op themselves, distributing herbs, spices, teas, household supplies, and much more. Orders placed monthly.

Rishi Tea — High-quality, artisan, hand-harvested teas. Orders placed as needed.

The Swiss Connection — Located in West Central Indiana, producer of a variety of artisan, raw milk cheeses. Orders placed as needed.

United Natural Foods (UNFI) — Primary grocery distributor for natural and organic foods throughout the country. Orders placed weekly.

Finding Healthy Food

Food Co-op Directory — A directory of our fellow food co-ops across the U. S.

Farmers’ Markets — National directory of farmers markets, where you can buy fresh, local, and organic produce.

Vegetarian Restaurants — Worldwide directory of vegetarian restaurants.

GreenPeople — Database of environmentally-friendly products.

Happy Cow — Global guide to vegetarian restaurants & health food stores.

All Organic Links — Comprehensive, one-stop directory for organic information, including food stores, organizations, gardening, manufacturers, restaurants, and publications.

Ultimate Green Shopping Guide — Links to dozens of articles and advice for the eco-minded shopper.

Health & Nutrition

How to Read Food Labels — Tutorial on how to read and understand the nutrition panels on packaged foods.

Nutrient Database — Complete, scientific nutrition profiles for any food

Local Harvest — Comprehensive resource for natural living including cooking, gardening, environmental activism, biotech, agri-business, and renewable energy.

Natural Life Magazine — Worldwide directory of vegetarian restaurants.

National Organic Program — Learn about the new organic rules passed in 2002 from the United States Department of Agriculture.

National Organizations

Center for Science in the Public Interest — Nonprofit education and advocacy organization that focuses on improving the safety and nutritional quality of our food supply.

Organic Trade Association — Promotes organic products in the marketplace and protects the integrity of organic standards.

Union of Concerned Scientists — Independent nonprofit alliance of concerned citizens and scientists.

Orion Society — Promotes place-based thinking, and nurtures the shift toward sustainable living.

Northwest Earth Institute — Offers discussion courses about sustainability, deep ecology, living in place, and simplicity.


Welcome to Cooperative America — A day in the life of cooperative America. Includes descriptions of a wide variety of co-ops across the U.S.

National Co-op Directory — a compilation of Natural Food Stores/Supermarkets within the United States that are member-owned (plus a handful of like minded stores). Additional sections include listings of co-op distributors and organizations that support the co-op natural food system

Center for Cooperatives — Studies, promotes, and researches cooperative action as a means of meeting the economic and social needs of people.

International Cooperative Alliance — Clearinghouse of information on co-operatives from various sectors of the economy.

National Cooperative Business Association — Teaches people how they can use the cooperative model to improve their lives and communities.

Cooperative Grocer Magazine — Trade magazine for food cooperatives.

National Cooperative Grocers’ Association — The nationwide network of food co-ops that we belong to that helps us offer better prices, products, and services.